Bournemouth Monkey Music

Monkey Music offer engaging fun music and sensory classes from 3 months to 4 years with an amazing progressive curricula taught by professional musicians. 

Everyone can book a FREE TASTER CLASS to see why it has been voted the nation’s preferred pre-school music class.

Monkey Music is passionate at introducing music to little ones right from the start. Babies enrol to absorb the magical sounds and sensory activities, whilst as they progress children learn to read music and learn all about orchestral instruments. Above all, children’s social, motor, speech and language development is supported through the multi-award winning classes that become the highlight of their week. Parents love how their child’s confidence is also boosted and everybody loves making new friends with like-minded people.

Rock ‘n’ Roll – The adventure starts with ‘Rock ‘n Roll’ classes for children from aged 3 months. Babies are very receptive to musical learning, able to remember musical sequences and detect changes in pitch, melody and rhythm. We build on those abilities while using bonding and sensory techniques to strengthen the relationship between baby and carer.

Heigh-Ho – From 12 months toddlers join ‘Heigh-Ho’ where Monkey Music tunes get parents and children dancing and catchy songs help with language development.

Jiggety-Jig – The musical journey continues for 2 & 3 year olds in ‘Jiggety-Jig’ as teachers help parents and toddlers explore rhythm and pitch. At this age children are excited to get to know one another and monkey’s playful songs and activities develop both social skills and imagination.

Ding-Dong – By age 3 or 4 our children have a foundation in rhythm, pitch, tempo and melody and in ‘Ding-Dong’ they learn to read music. The moment they make the connection between the music they hear and read is a huge milestone, similarly when they volunteer to sing solos and lead the Monkey Music band!


Monkey Music is currently running classes in Winton, Wimborne, Parkstone, Southbourne Christchurch and Poole check out the timetable here.


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