At SuperDoula I am passionate about providing a service that respects you as an individual by getting to know you, being present and listening to what you need and want. I will provide you with information so you can make empowered choices and feel in control. Combine this with emotional and practical support you will have the freedom to tap into your intuition that will guide you through birth and the postnatal period.

If you have a birth partner I have got their back too through this monumental journey. The experience of birth and becoming parents is one you will remember clearly for the rest of your life. My job is to give you both confidence and reassurance to make it a positive one.

The space in which you give birth and adjust to the new dynamic has a big impact on your experience. So I get super excited helping you create a safe, peaceful and honoured place that is just right for you and your baby.

I provide continuous doula support during pregnancy birth and postpartum, birth preparation and newborn preparation workshops.


I can’t wait to meet you.


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